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Pest Control

Effective pest control solutions, so you don't have to worry

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Relax and Leave the Pest Control to the Professionals

Quarterly Pest Control

Protecting families and properties since 1995.

Facing pests can be overwhelming, but the journey to eliminate them doesn't have to be. At PestNow, we recognize the significance of reducing nuisance pests in and around your home for your family's well-being and peace of mind.

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Pest Control That Works

Regular quarterly treatments offer homeowners a comprehensive approach to pest control, including preventive and curative measures, targeted solutions against pests, and potential long-term cost savings.

Our service provides consistent, preventive, and curative measures against pests, including ants, centipedes, crickets, earwigs, mice and rodents, millipedes, pill bugs, roaches, silverfish, sowbugs, and spiders out of your home.

Know that our expert residential pest control service keeps your home protected year-round, safeguarding your loved ones from unwanted pests.

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We Stop Pests at the Source

Our Pest Specialists are trained to utilize advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to target pests at their source, reducing infestations and environmental impact. This environmentally conscious approach to pest control is called Integrated Pest Management.

During your initial service, we conduct a comprehensive inspection and treat your home's interior and exterior. Subsequent visits prioritize exterior treatments, focusing on where pests come from–outside your home. If you have any pest issues between services, we will retreat at no additional cost.

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All Your Pest Questions

We have the answers to some of the most frequently answered questions about pest control.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally conscious approach to pest control that relies on a combination of education and training. An IPM program utilizes biological information based on the type of pest that has been identified. Information gathered, combined with advanced pest control procedures, is used to manage the pest with the most thorough and environmentally sensitive control method.

Why do I still see pests in my home?

While our pest control specialists diligently work to keep your home and business pest-free, insects can sometimes still find their way in. After all, we are battling a force of Mother Nature. Since there is always the possibility of insects entering your home or business, our Quarterly Pest Control program is guaranteed. If you continue to see an issue, contact us to schedule an extra service call at no additional charge.

How are pests getting inside my home?

Insects adapt to survive. Therefore, insects will find gaps, cracks, or crevices to enter your home or business. While a pest-proofed home would be nice, attaining such a goal is highly unlikely. Our pest control service includes an inspection of your home or business by a pest control specialist and a list of conditions that might allow insects to enter and thrive.

Are the pest control products you use safe for me, my children, and my pets?

We strictly follow the law of the label and practice Integrated Pest Management to minimize the risk of exposure while maximizing the effectiveness of each product. Our highly trained pest control specialists evaluate and process each situation.