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Woodbridge Pest Control Experts

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Suburban Charm Meets Natural Beauty

Woodbridge locals know that our scenic town is not immune to pest problems. From mosquitoes and ticks to rodents and termites, pests can quickly become a nuisance if left unchecked. That's where PestNow comes in.

Our team of experts is committed to delivering effective pest control solutions that address the unique challenges of Woodbridge living. Whether you're dealing with an active infestation or looking to prevent future problems, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right the first time. But our dedication to Woodbridge doesn't end with pest control. As members of the community ourselves, we take pride in supporting our neighbors and preserving the beauty of our town. That's why we offer safe IPM options-- safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

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About PestNow

Jessica was very flexible with working around my schedule to come give me a quote for getting rid of the bats in our attic. Was very easy to reach her with follow up questions. Aaron, who performed the work, did more than I was expecting, even inspecting and putting an extra steel mesh over the garage gable vent. Carrie kept in contact with me about scheduling. The team was great to work with.

- David H.

I met Jessy Miley through networking. She is fantastic, engaging, energetic, passionate, and super duper friendly! I asked her to send someone to come by and set up their bait to get rid of the ants that were attacking our pets’ food. Eddy placed their bait that is 1000x more effective than any of the bait traps we bought in the store. It was scary seeing all the ants that were in my walls coming out for the bait. There were easily 10x more ants living with us than we previously thought. Within 48 hrs, all the ants have disappeared and haven’t seen them since. PestNow is a great service that helped us get rid of their ants, but that isn’t all they do! They help with any Wildlife that gets into ANY part of your house, wether the basement, crawl space or attic. They will even replace the insulation in your attic! They are amazing and will help out with any unwanted guests in your home!

- Robert D.

I have been so happy with Pest Now. They come out very quickly. They are so thorough and polite. They do so much inside and out at a reasonable price. The lady who answers the phone is so accommodating and so pleasant.. They have a warranty plan that within a certain time frame, they will come back at no expense. I’ve been using this company for awhile and won’t go anywhere else. You won’t be disappointed.

- Joyce M.

Roy came to our house for a free inspection on short notice and was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He relieved our anxieties as new homeowners and made some very reasonable recommendations tailored to our situation in a thoughtful and low pressure manner. Would definitely work with them again!

- Michael H.