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Stink Bugs

Stink bugs belong to the family Pentatomidae, which contains over 4,700 species. With that many species, it's hard to tell these bugs apart. Most are identified by their shield, which gives them an armored look and varies in color. The stink bug's distinctive odor stems from a gland located in its thorax used to deter predators. These bugs can cause a lot of damage to crops since they feed primarily on fruits and vegetables. They stick their mouths into the plants, sucking away many essential nutrients, which can cause stunted growth in plants and kill smaller seedlings.

The most common variety of stink bugs in the United States is the Brown Marmorated stink bug, with the average adult measuring about 17 mm long. You can spot this species by its muted brown body and armored back, which has black and white banding around the edges and a white underside.

Like many other insects, the stink bug often looks for places to warm itself during the fall. Sadly, their search for a place to stay often leads them to your home. The first telltale sign of an infestation is a large group of stink bugs appearing in the parts of your home with the most sun. In addition to the inconvenience of having stink bugs enjoying your sunroom, their infamous odor could ruin anyone's day.

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