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Blue Ridge Mountains Foothills 

The area's beautiful landscapes, local wineries, and welcoming atmosphere make it an exceptional place to call home to both humans and unwanted pests.

PestNow is dedicated to meeting the unique pest control needs of Culpeper residents and businesses. Our experienced technicians are equipped to tackle a variety of pests, including ants, roaches, spiders, and rodents, using cutting-edge techniques and integrated pest management practices. Our Termite Control services offer comprehensive inspections, advanced treatments, and preventative strategies to safeguard your property from damage.

Wildlife intrusions can pose significant challenges, but our experienced team handles issues with birds, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and more, ensuring safe and humane removal. Protect your outdoor spaces from ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes with our effective Yard Guard Program. We don't stop there...Our Lawn Care Program further enhances your property with tailored fertilization and weed control, promoting a healthy, green lawn.

PestNow is committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions and personalized service plans to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help maintain a worry-free and beautiful environment for your home or business in Stafford.

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About PestNow

Had ants streaming into the house. PestNow was able to get to us quickly and their Tech Terry Greene was prompt, courteous, thorough, and clearly explained everything I needed to know. Ants were gone just as he promised!

- Janet B.

The entire team at PestNow is just outstanding! They are professional and friendly. I have been with PestNow for 10+ years and I have to say their quality of service just keeps getting better and better. They have taken very good care of my home by providing such services as termite inspection and quarterly service treatments. I am extremely happy and always satisfied with the level of service. I would like to say Thank you to the PestNow team for all that they do and continue to do! A very happy and satisfied customer.

- Althea S.

Pest Now has been a God-send! Great company and anytime I call, they are always quick to send someone out. We have our termite contract with them but also do a quarterly program to help rid our house of bugs (great for the basement!!!) The specialist they send is familiar with our property and is always great with answering my questions so I understand. Cannot recommend them enough!

- Julia D.

Pest Now is consistently a great company to work with. They are always within their timeframe window, offer prompt and professional service, extremely easy to schedule service or cancel/reschedule and do a wonderful job of treating my property and home. They are considerate that I have many pets and show time and time again that they value me as their customer. I have been with them since 2019 and do not plan on going with anyone else.

- Scarlet L.

Excellent service. Friendly technician. Arrived promptly.Explain everything that needed to be done. Took care of the wasp problem immediately. Explain everything that needed to be done.Took care of the wasp problem immediately. Also, explained how to deal with the mice problem and return for follow up. So far very happy with the service!

- Carlos A.

I met Jessy Miley through networking. She is fantastic, engaging, energetic, passionate, and super duper friendly! I asked her to send someone to come by and set up their bait to get rid of the ants that were attacking our pets’ food. Eddy placed their bait that is 1000x more effective than any of the bait traps we bought in the store. It was scary seeing all the ants that were in my walls coming out for the bait. There were easily 10x more ants living with us than we previously thought. Within 48 hrs, all the ants have disappeared and haven’t seen them since. PestNow is a great service that helped us get rid of their ants, but that isn’t all they do! They help with any Wildlife that gets into ANY part of your house, wether the basement, crawl space or attic. They will even replace the insulation in your attic! They are amazing and will help out with any unwanted guests in your home!

- Robert D.

I was very pleased the responsive and professional nature of Gary. He appeared to be the expert of his trade. I am most confident that my little guest should be all gone now.

- Oliver S.